Friday, December 27, 2013

I have escaped my evil reptilian alien abductors from Alpha Draconis and I am back on Earth to fight the alien conspiracy

Yes the title is way over the top and an obvious joke, but what do you expect after an almost four year hiatus?

To be honest life has gotten in the way of my interest in all things weird and I temporarily lost that interest, but that has now changed and I am back to post about the weirdness around us all.

You may note that I have also done a little house cleaning, and all the redundant blogs on other sites such as Wordpress and LiveJournal are now gone plus I have deleted a lot of "off-topic" posts here on this blog. It just was a cluttered mess and way too much effort to maintain. I still have more cleaning to do on this blog, so expect some changes.

Future posts to this blog will take an objective look at weird and interesting things such as cryptozoology and mysterious events taking place around us.

There will also be posts taking a critical view of various conspiracies and such that are being presented in the media and on the web. Let's face it there is quite a lot of silliness out there, and this silliness can make anyone interested in these strange or unusual events look nuttier than a squirrel's turd. Taking a critical view of these conspiracies and events might shed some light on the truth or it might not, but it should be fun doing the research and writing.

Now for those of you who are disappointed that this post not a detailed account of my escape from the evil reptilian aliens from Alpha Draconis I have posted below a video I found on YouTube purportedly showing of one of President Obama's reptilian alien secret service agents guarding the president while he was speaking to a Zionist cabal:

(Standard YouTube License)

President Obama, reptilian aliens, and a Zionist cabal. This video has everything except Miley Cyrus twerking. Now that I mentioned it I have to wonder about Miley and her twerking. It is an form of alien communication or is she a cryptid in heat? Either theory might explain her tongue.

That is it for now. I will be posting more in the near future as long as the evil reptilians and their cohorts in the NSA and Secret Service don't take me back to Alpha Draconis. (Oh, that last sentence is going to send up some red flags :-)

Remember, it's great to have an open mind as long as your brains don't slide out your ears.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cause of Tasmanian Devil cancer identified

The Tasmanian Devil is closest living relative of my favorite cryptid the Thylacine. Unfortunately an infectious form of cancer is rapidly diminishing the wild population of Tasmanian Devils.

Below are some recent articles regarding developments about the facial cancer:
Here are links to both the National Geographic Profile of the Tasmanian Devil, and to the Tassiedevil - Save The Tasmanian Devil site.

Hopefully these recent developments may help scientists find a treatment for the cancer, and prevent the possible extinction of the Tasmanian Devil.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

YouTube Video: Chupacabra on Cops Camera (closer view)

While I have yet to be convinced that the stories of Chupacabra are nothing more than urban legend and internet myth, I do find this video quite intriguing.

Note that this animal looks a lot different from other animals reputed to be the Chupacabra. What is interesting is that the head of the animal is so large. Is it possible this is some sort of hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of a domestic dog and coyote?

Any thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Washington Weirdness: UFOs, radioactive wasps, and the wall of gum.

I've gathered up a collection of interesting and weird articles from, and I though now would be as good a time as any to post them, so enjoy.
  • UFO in the sun and military jets: Here is a classic case of mis-identification. The photo shows a large black disk shaped object directly in front of the Sun. Unfortunately for the "true believers" out there, the black dot is actually the result of CCD bakeout. That's something to take in to account next time you point your cellphone's camera at the Sun.
  • Hanford digs up radioactive wasp nests: When I initially read the headline for this article the first images to pop in my head were from the radioactive giant bugs from the 50's such as Them, Beginning of the End, and Tarantula. Luckily for us all the wasps are not radioactive, just their nests, so they are not mutating in to man-eating giants. Then again that could be just what the government wants us to think? Read the article and find out for yourself, and then pop some popcorn and watch your favorite 50's radioactive giant bug movie.
  • Ewww! Seattle gum wall a top germy attraction: OK, this one really grosses me out! I have been to the Pike Place Market lots of times, and have never seen the Great Gum Wall Of Seattle and I hope I never do. Then again this just might be worth taking some pictures of, so I can post them to Urbanspelunkers.
Now this next article is not about weirdness in Washington State, but it is a little different and it takes place in BC, so I going to go ahead an post about it. According to "3-hour tours planned on "Gilligan's Island" SS Minnow" someone in Nanaimo, British Columbia has purchased the original boat used as the SS Minnow in Gilligan's Island, and they plan to start offering tours with the boat. Here are two other links about the venture; Restored 'Gilligan's Island' boat could open for tours and S.S. Minnow Tours Again! This sounds fun enough to make a trip up North, and I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has taken the tour or knows more about the restored SS Minnow. So feel free to drop me a line if you happen to know something about the boat or you have taken the tour.

Cheers ~ Nemo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Washington Weirdness: The Lake Sammamish Seal

Just a few days ago I was reading the Bizarre Beasts section of Weird Washington, and somewhere between Lake Monsters and The Thunderbird I was reminded of a story often told by my Uncle who used to live on the Western shores of Lake Sammamish of a seal that lived in that lake. I searched through the index of the book, but could not find any reference about a seal living in Lake Sammamish.

"You've got to be kidding" I thought! Surely a harbor seal living in a fresh water lake some 10 to 15 miles from Puget Sound would be considered weird enough to be documented in a book called "Weird Washington", but apparently not. So I decided to do a researching on my own and I came across the article "Butch the Lake Sammamish Seal" by Nan P. Campbell at This is an excellent article written by someone who also lived on Lake Sammamish during the time that Butch the seal as he was known, lived in the lake.

My Uncle used to tell me that the seal had a collar on him, and Nan P. Campbell also mentions the collar several times in her article. Now this collar figures prominently in the two most plausible theories as to how Butch ended up in Lake Sammamish. Of all the theories offered as to how Butch ended up in the lake, given the collar the two that seem the most plausible seem to be that he either escaped from a circus or was let loose by his handler, or he was kept as a pet by someone who lived on the lake and somehow got loose.

Butch died in 1975, and even though I never got a chance to see Butch while visiting my Aunt and Uncle on Lake Sammamish I did find Nan's article a great chronicle of a wayward and rambunctious seal, and I think you will too so give it a read.

Cheers ~ Nemo

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Washington Weirdness: Mel's Hole

A while back I posted on my MySpace blog that I had picked up the book "Weird Washington", and that I wanted to start blogging about the interestingly weird stories and places featured in the book. Well one thing led to another and I didn't start reading the book until recently (i.e. I farted around and didn't get to it until now).

What's nice about the layout of the book is you can pretty much open it up to any page, and start reading about some interesting and weird subject here in Washington State. I know Washington has lot's weird stuff (and people), but I didn't know how weird things were. It just happens that the first page I opened up in the book was page 50 which featured a story about Mel's Hole.

Now I had heard of Mel's Hole before; an apparently bottomless hole just West of Ellensburg, Washington. I knew that a man known as Mel Waters had either appeared on, or called in to the Coast to Coast AM radio show, and spoke to then host the Art Bell of a mysterious hole where people would toss in their garbage including cars, but the hole would never fill up. That was pretty much all I knew until I read the section in Weird Washington about Mel's Hole, and also Mel himself.

From the book I learned that Mel Waters claimed to have measured the depth of the hole to something close to 15 miles, that the hole may actually be a portal to different dimensions, and that dead animals tossed in to the hole would reappear some time later alive and kicking. Also Mel claims to have found a WW2 era handgun next to the well that didn't make any sound when fired, and when the gun was held next to a radio the radio would start to receive broadcasts from the past. According to Mel he also found a mysterious red envelope with several Roosevelt dimes with a date of 1943 and a "B" mintmark. Funny thing is though, according to this Wikipedia article, the US didn't start minting Roosevelt dimes until 1946, and according to the book no US Mint has a "B" mintmark.

Mel Waters' explanation for the inconsistencies with the dimes ties into the hole being a portal to a different dimension, but I don't buy it. Nor do I accept that the hole, if it exists, is 15 miles deep (or deeper as others have claimed). Take a look at this Wikipedia article on Mel's Hole, especially the section that states that the total weight of the fishing line used to measure the claimed depth of the hole would exceed the tensile strength of the line itself.

I also have a hard time buying Mel's claims that after his first appearance on the show, before he left the US for Australia to start a wombat preserve, the government prevented him from returning to his property on which the hole was on, and that he eventually leased the property to an unnamed party for $3 million a year. Mel later claimed on another appearance on Coast to Coast that when he returned to the US (in volation of an agreement with the government) he was apparently abducted and drugged, and a belt buckle that had three of the mysterious dimes embedded in it was taken from him.

It's interesting to note that according to the book, and the Wiki article a search of records failed to confirm that Mel Waters was ever a resident of the area he claimed to live in. But that could all be part of the "conspiracy and mystery" couldn't it :)

Read the book, and check out these links, then make up your own mind about this bit of Washington Weirdness:
If you do an online search for "Mel's Hole" you get thousands of hits on subject, and you from those you can make your own conclusions. If you happen upon this blog and you have an opinion on the subject then feel free to leave a comment. Don't worry, I'll approve the comment unless it's spam or a ranting flame. Cheers ~ Nemo Black

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Over a 1000 new species discovered in Mekong Delta region.

According to this CNN article - "Mekong a 'treasure trove' of 1,000 newly discovered species", over a 1000 new species were discovered in the Mekong Delta region between 1997 and 2007.

The discoveries include the Laotian Rock Rat that was thought to be extinct for over 11 million years, a striped rabbit, a spider with a five foot span, and a cyanide-producing "dragon millipede".

Give the article a read, and be sure to check out the slide show of some of animals found. Apparently scientists are discovering new species at a rate of two a week.

Unfortunately many of these animals may become extinct in the near future due to development, and wars in the region.

One has to wonder if discover this many new species in the Mekong Delta, then what can they discover up in other remote areas of the world.